Vidya Bandhu at Sneh Milan-2013'Bhai Sahab' and President of India Shri Rajendra Prasad share a moment at Vidya Bhawan'Bhai Sahab' welcomed by student of Vidya BhawanHonoured Batch of 1977-78 at Sneh Milan-2013Group Photo of Honoured Batch of 1978-79 at Sneh Milan-2014Vidya Bandhus at Sneh Milan-2014Vidya Bandhus in Annual Hike at Badbadeshwar Mahadev
Rishi Rin

The idea of Rishi-Rin, the ancient Indian concept of loan of the teacher and the institution, is integral to Vidya Bhawan. Students see the contribution of Vidya Bhawan in their lives as a loan which they have to pay to their alma mater. Vidya Bandhus feel that though it is impossible to re-pay this loan entirely, yet we can contribute our small bit for our institution. Scholarships, payment of partial or full fees of needy students, publications, construction of a Guest House, renovation and improvements in different facilities at the school, organising various events etc. have been the areas where Vidya Bandhus have contributed.