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About Vidya Bhawan Society
Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta
Vidya Bhawan was founded by Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta 1931. Ahead of its time, Vidya Bhawan was modeled on the principles of Boy Scout Movement, incorporating the Gandian ideals of Basic Education. As opposed to the feudalistic society, the objective was to provide uncommon education to common children. The aim was to build a responsible citizenry capable of serving and transforming society.
Dr. Mehta roped in his fellow Scouts- Dr. K.L. Shrimali, who became the first Head Master of Vidya Bhawan and Shri K.L. Bordia, who became the longest serving Head Master of Vidya Bhawan -and built the school on the lines of his vision of education.
Originally started as a modest effort, Vidya Bhawan has flourished into a bouquet of over a dozen institutions committed to quality and excellence in the field of education.
Dr. Mehta's dream was to see the old students of Vidya Bhawan come forward with a voluntary spirit, take charge of their alma mater and play an effective role in social transformation through education. Vidya Bandhus, members of Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh, the alumni association of Vidya Bhawan School which was founded in 1934, struggled for over one and a half decades to make this dream come true. In 1993, Vidya Bandhu Prof. Jagat Sinha Mehta became the first Vidya Bandhu to be elected President of Vidya Bhawan Society. He remained in office till 2000.
Shri Riaz Tehsin

In 2005, Vidya Bandhu Shri Riaz Tehsin became the President of Vidya Bhawan Society. He was re-elected in 2010 for a term of 5 years. Earlier, Shri Tehsin served as Vice-President of Vidya Bhawan Society for 12 years. On 21 July 2015, Shri Ajay Mehta became President of Vidya Bhawan Society.

Presently, 6 out of the 10 members of the Board of Control of Vidya Bhawan Society are Vidya Bandhus, namely Shri Bhartendu Nagar (Hony. Secretary), Shri Anil Shah (Hony. Treasurer) and Shri M.K. Agrawal, Shri Riaz Tehsin, Shri Anand Bordia and Shri Kulbhushan Kothari (all Members). 

Vidya Bandhus in the Executive Committee of Vidya Bhawan Society are as follows- Shri Riaz Tehsin (Former President), Shri Bhartendu Nagar (Hony. Secretary), Shri Anil Shah (Hony. Treasurer); and Dr. Sayeed Ahmed, Shri Jagmohan Dave, Shri Dilip Galundia, Shri Bhagwat Singh Babel, Shri Gopal Krishna Bumb, Ms. Pushpa Sharma, Dr. F.S. Mehta, Shri Revati Raman Shrimali, Shri Naresh Chandra Bansal, Shri Pankaj Joshi, Shri Dhirendra S. Mehta and Shri Desh Bandhu Acharya (all Members); and Shri Arvind Singhal and Shri Bharat Prakash Upadhyay (Representative of Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh).

Vidya Bhawan Society, in its objective of creating a more just, democratic, equitable and pluralistic society, has been catering to the needs of diverse sections of learners; which is reflected in the nature and work of all its institutions.