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About Vidya Bhawan Senior Secondary School
Inception and Development

Vidya Bhawan was founded in 1931 by Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta, a pioneer and visionary of international stature, to provide holistic education for the overall development of a child's knowledge, character and personality. Befitting the dreams of its Founder and accomplishing its Aims and Objectives, Vidya Bhawan has established over a dozen institutions, covering various aspects of a person's life.

Vidya Bhawan School is providing a well co-ordinated programme of integrated education from Nursery to Senior Secondary level.

The School functions under the Vidya Bhawan Society, which is registered under the Societies Registration Act No. VII of 1941.


The vision of our founder Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta was to establish a truly non-conventional, learner-centered educational institution where a dynamic teacher with sound education philosophies could lay the foundation of holistic development of a child's character and personality.

Living the Dream with Incessant Mission
  • To design and conduct well co-ordinated programme of integrated education blending with the advancement of scientific attitude and high-tech skills.
  • Through attainment of knowledge and the power to think with discipline and hard work along with inculcating spirit of adventure, exploration and the joy of creative activity.
  • By providing an environment for a well integrated and harmonious growth of children covering ethical, physical, mental and aesthetic spectrum of life
School at a Glance

Site and Access

The school is located at one of the most picturesque location in Udaipur, close to historical and world-famous Fateh Sagar Lake. The school has large play fields, clean and green environs of gardens, hillock and age-old trees. The city of Udaipur is connected by Rail/Road and Air to Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and all major cities. The altitude of the city is 598 meters (i.e. above the mean sea level).

Sections of the School

The school is a co-education residential-cum-day boarding institution. There are at present five hostels for boys and girls served by a large and well maintained dining hall and mess. The school is designed and architecturally patterned to have:

 Nursery Section

Learning through joy and creativity is the key for our kids of play group. Focus is on communication language ability both in Hindi and English with due emphasis on concept formation and environmental awareness. The Nursery Section, situated on the main campus, has its own well organised and well provided for infrastructural facilities suited to the needs of the toddlers. The teaching is based on the principles of child psychology.

 Junior Section

The Junior Section houses classes I to V with its own building on the main campus. The programme of studies and activities in this section is especially organized to provide a smooth transition from Nursery to Senior stage of schooling.

A major innovation in the Junior Section is insistence on use of both Hindi and English as medium of instruction. However, conscious efforts are made so that the children attain proficiency in communicative skills in English.

 Senior Section
Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education syllabus is adhered to by Senior Section, which is from class VI to XII. The following streams of subjects are available at senior secondary level classes-

Distinguishing Features

In all Sections, the emphasis is on child-centered education and a child friendly ambience. A healthy and pleasant environment supplemented by self-corrective and self-explanatory aids has a positive educational influence on the child's development. The ultimate aim is to groom future citizens who will be committed, competent and confident.


The Vanshala (Open-air Session) of Vidya Bhawan has become a widely known activity for its distinct and remarkable educational value.

The idea is to provide opportunities to the school students for intensive study of physical and socio-cultural environment of the camping site along with independent thinking, self-expression, creative activity and community living.

Anniversary Project

The Anniversary Project is another major educational landmark of our school. It includes and infuses creativity, original thinking, and understanding of different cultures and the problems facing our times. In ultimate analysis, it helps develop intellectual and aesthetic capabilities of the students.

Comprehensive Evaluation

In the evaluation system, we not only take into account of the academic growth of student but also various aspects of her / his personality and character.

The development of the child is monitored by the school periodically.

The Group System

Group is the basic unit of life at Vidya Bhawan. For administrative purpose, the groups are formed by horizontal class division and each group is under the charge of one or two teachers, called Group Teacher. Other teachers or/and parents can address enquiries about students to the Group Teacher, who, whenever the need arises, shares and confers on the matter with the Principal and other experts. The Group Teacher maintains record files of students in her/his charge.

Laboratories and Workshop

The laboratories and workshop are abundantly equipped with tools and machines as well as laboratory apparatus and equipments etc. Efforts are made continuously to develop a spirit of inquiry and learning-through-doing amongst the students.

Guidance and Counseling Bureau

A Guidance Centre has been established in the School. The main function of this Centre is to provide assistance to the students in the selection of courses and careers after they have finished their schooling. In addition to this, the counselors also help the students in solving their problems, which they might face in the school, or, in the life outside.

Games and Sports

The school provides facilities for most of the games and sports activities including football, volleyball, tennis, cricket, badminton, table tennis, etc. Intensive training and coaching is given in all these games, track and field events and athletics in a scientific manner by fully trained coaches and P.T.I. The school also has a well-equipped gymnasium comprehensively provided for with standard equipment and apparatus.

Education to become Responsible Citizen

There is a great deal of scope for boys and girls to organize activities of various kinds through House systems. They participate in discussion at all levels of planning and developing various programmes in an effort to improve their standards of attainment. Each House is given the responsibility to participate in maintaining the appropriate education ambience in the school, by rotation.