Vidya Bandhu at Sneh Milan-2013'Bhai Sahab' and President of India Shri Rajendra Prasad share a moment at Vidya Bhawan'Bhai Sahab' welcomed by student of Vidya BhawanHonoured Batch of 1977-78 at Sneh Milan-2013Group Photo of Honoured Batch of 1978-79 at Sneh Milan-2014Vidya Bandhus at Sneh Milan-2014Vidya Bandhus in Annual Hike at Badbadeshwar Mahadev
Vidhya Bandhu Sangh Work

Construction of Vidya Bandhu Guest House

In late 1950s, under the Presidentship of Shri Piyush Singhal, the idea of building a Vidya Bandhu Guest House was conceived. On 11th October 1956 the foundation stone was laid in the presence of Dr. Zakir Hussain, Shri Hriday Nath Kunjaru, Dr. M.S. Mehta, Dr. K.L. Shrimali, Shri K.L. Bordia and other dignitaries. Vidya Bandhu Shri Mahendra Agrawal was made the Convener of the Guest House Committee. Donation receipts were printed. Students and old students volunteered to collect donations. The major contributions came from the families of Shri Mahendra Agrawal and Shri Piyush Singhal. Vidya Bandhu Guest House was inaugurated by Dr. Zakir Hussain. Vidya Bandhu Sangh handed over the Guest House to Vidya Bhawan Society on 5th May, 1961.

Felicitation of Five Teachers

A function was held on 10th October 1974 to felicitate 5 teachers of Vidya Bhawan School. The grateful former students honoured Shri Keshav Chandra Sharma, Smt. and Shri S.C. David, Shri Goverdhan Lal Joshi 'Baba' and Shri Shankar Lal Paliwal. Vidya Bandhu Dr. Mahendra Kumar Doshi (who later became Director, Animal Science, Govt. of Raj.) was the Chief Guest.

Badminton Tournament

In 1970s Vidya Bandhu Sangh started Table-Tennis and Badminton Tournament, largely due to the efforts of Vidya Bandhu Shri Arvind Singhal.

Bhai Sahab's 81st Birthday Celebrated

'Bhai Sahab' Dr. M.S. Mehta's 81st Birthday was celebrated on 20th April, 1976 at the Muktakashi Manch of Vidya Bhawan School. Vidya Bandhus presented Rupees Eighty-one Thousand to the Founder. The funds were collected largely by the efforts of Dr. Anil Bordia, the then President of Vidya Bandhu Sangh.

Book Release; Dedicated to 'Dada Bhai'

A book titled 'The Crisis of Changing India' was published by the Sangh and was dedicated to 'Dada Bhai' Shri Kesari Lal Bordia. On the occasion of Dada Bhai's 69th birthday on 25th March 1975, Governor of Mysore Shri Mohan Lal Sukhadia released the book at the auditorium of Vidya Bhawan G.S. Teacher's College. The book was edited by Dr. Veddan Sudhir.

Statue of J.C.W. Rust Unveiled

In 1984, Vidya Bandhus decided to install a statue of their teacher Shri J.C.W. Rust at Vidya Bhawan School. Vidya Bhawan School and Vidya Bhawan Society gave their consent. 'Bhai Sahab' inaugurated the statue on Teacher's Day 5th September 1984.

Bhai Sahab's 90th Birthday Celebrated

He was 90; was out of Vidya Bhawan; and yet there he was, developing the idea of a new institution for higher education. On 20th April 1985, Vidya Bandhus celebrated the 90th Birthday of 'Bhai Sahab' Dr.M.S. Mehta at Seva Mandir.


In the Executive Meeting on 22nd June 1986, 'Dada Bhai' Shri K.L. Bordia suggested that the Sangh should make Fixed Deposit of the amount in its account and grant from its interest scholarships to the students of Vidya Bhawan School. First time, the Scholarship was given on 21st July 1987. Presently, Vidya Bandhu Sangh supports the students in following ways:-

  • Scholarships from the interest of one time donation of Rs.20,000/- and above.
  • School Fees: Every year, Vidya Bandhus give fees of needy students of Vidya Bhawan Senior Secondary School.
  • Full fees of orphans: Vidya Bandhus give fees of student from the nearby orphanage, who study in Vidya Bhawan Sr. Sec. School.

Sneh Milan Samaroh

In 1989, Vidya Bandhus decided to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Founder Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta as 'Founder's Day'. A Sneh Milan Samaroh followed by Sneh Bhoj was part of the programme. 11 students of the earliest batches were honoured in the Sneh Milan Samaroh. Since then, Sneh Milan Samaroh has become the foremost event of the Sangh. It takes a lot of voluntary effort to search and contact students from past batches. But then, there comes the moment of great joy to see large groups of old students gathered from across the globe. Also, messages of Vidya Bandhus pour in from all corners.

Vidya Bandhu as President of Vidya Bhawan Society

The founder, Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta, had a dream that some day the old students will run Vidya Bhawan. His dream came true when in 1993 Prof. Jagat Sinha Mehta, former Foreign Secretary and a Vidya Bandhu, was elected President of Vidya Bhawan Society. In 2005 and again in 2010, Vidya Bandhu Shri Riaz Tehsin was elected President of Vidya Bhawan Society for a term of five years each.

R.C.C. Roof of Library, Classrooms and Store

Vidya Bandhus and Vidya Bhawan Society contributed to replace the tin-shade roof of the library, two small classrooms and one big classroom of Vidya Bhawan Sr.Sec. School with R.C.C. roofing. Also, flooring and new electrical fitting work was done. The renovation was undertaken between January-June 2009 costing approximately Rs.9 Lakhs. Vidya Bhawan Society contributed Rs.1 Lakh, while Vidya Bandhu Foundation contributed Rs.7 Lakhs and contribution from other donors was Rs.1 Lakh.