Vidya Bandhu at Sneh Milan-2013'Bhai Sahab' and President of India Shri Rajendra Prasad share a moment at Vidya Bhawan'Bhai Sahab' welcomed by student of Vidya BhawanHonoured Batch of 1977-78 at Sneh Milan-2013Group Photo of Honoured Batch of 1978-79 at Sneh Milan-2014Vidya Bandhus at Sneh Milan-2014Vidya Bandhus in Annual Hike at Badbadeshwar Mahadev
Annual Events

Foundation Day Celebrations- 21 July

" 7 O'clock on the morning of Tuesday, the 21st July, 1931, Vidya Bhawan was ushered into the world!" -- This is how 'Bhai Sahab' Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta recalls the Foundation Day of Vidya Bhawan in his book 'The Story of Vidya Bhawan'.

A scout for life, 'Bhai Sahab' was fond of adventures and especially mountains. The height and the climb test the grit; invoke new ideas and, at times, bring out a new person from the rot of routine worldly affairs.

No wonder that Vidya Bhawan's Foundation Day became an annual hiking event. Vidya Bandhus participated in the Morning Assembly, cultural programme and ran a canteen for several years. It has been an occasion to meet old buddies and discuss about Vidya Bhawan in general and the School in particular.

However, the Forest Department found Sajjangarh a lucrative site and, in the new millennium, there was pressure on Vidya Bhawan to pay for hundreds of people and vehicles, who go to Sajjangarh; which Vidya Bhawan did for some years. Meanwhile, in 2009, Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) was inaugurated by Nobel Laureate Dr.R.K. Pachauri at Bhilon ka Bedla, just 8 kilometers from Udaipur. Vidya Bhawan has protected these 400 acres of forests, called the Beed, for around 60 years through stone-fencing and constant vigil. Vidya Bandhu Prof. Jagat S. Mehta contributed around Rs.60 Lakhs to construct a camping site at VBPSK. Since 2011, the Foundation Day is being celebrated in the serene natural environment of VBPSK.

Since Vidya Bhawan ushered into the world on the morning of 21st July; Vidya Bandhus gather at the School and plant 21 trees on the morning of 21st July every year.

Vidya Bandhu Hike- (Usually on 2nd October or the first Sunday thereafter)

Keeping with the adventurous spirit of Vidya Bhawan, every year the Sangh organizes a Hike for Vidya Bandhus on 2nd October or the first Sunday thereafter. Vidya Bandhus join in with their families. Members get a chance to interact with young and elderly from Vidya Bhawan; though all gather for a formal introduction for the advantage of new and old members. Nostalgia enlivens the literary flavors which flow in melodious verses; while Rajasthani cuisines tingle the taste buds.

Vanshala and Anniversary- (Usually in October-November)

Vanshala and Anniversary Project, the unique features of Vidya Bhawan are lived every year by Vidya Bandhus, who attend the programmes by travelling to the place of Vanshala and spending a day or two with the students. They participate in the Exhibition and Annual Function, which is organized at the culmination of Vanshala and Anniversary Project.

Makar Sankranti- January

Makar Sankranti is celebrated by Vidya Bandhus at the Vidya Bhawan Senior Secondary School at Ramgiri; also known as the Basic School in mid January (usually on 14 or 15). Students present colourful cultural programmes, Sitoliya and Maardadi is played with gusto and sweets made of til and gud (sesame and jaggery) and sugarcane juice in earthen kullhads is enjoyed. Makar Sankranti is an harvest festival. It is believed that due to Earth's tilt on its axis and its revolution, the Sun-rays begin to straighten up in the northern hemisphere from this time around every year. It also marks the transition of Sun in the Makar rashi (Capricorn constellation).

Basant Panchmi- February

The festival of Basant (spring) is celebrated in February every year at Vidya Bhawan Senior Secondary School. A student is made Rituraj (King of Seasons) and decorated with flowers and leaves. Students and teachers wear clothes dyed in yellow, the colour of spring. Vidya Bandhus participate in the cultural programmes held on the open-air stage where Saturday Assembly used to be held in the early years of Vidya Bhawan.

'Baba' Memorial Cricket Match (between the teams of VBS and VBVBS)- March

A Cricket Match was held every year in March in the memory of Shri Goverdhan Lal Joshi 'Baba'. The matches were held for around a decade, till 2013, between the teams of Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh and Vidya Bhawan Society.

Sneh Milan Samaroh on Founder's Day- 20 April

The birth anniversary of 'Bhai Sahab' Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta is celebrated as Founder's Day. A Sneh Milan Samaroh is organised by Vidya Bandhu Sangh where old students, teachers and staff members of Vidya Bhawan School come together. Each year, students of a past batch are honored. A lot of effort goes into finding students who passed from Vidya Bhawan some three decades ago and now reside across the globe. Generally, most of the old students are traced. The process in itself is a joy.

The call from Vidya Bandhu Sangh comes as a pleasant surprise for the old students as well as for the Vidya Bandhus who finally get the right contact and receive a joyous response. Old student help in tracing their buddies; and those moments are precious when they meet their buddies in the office of Vidya Bandhu Sangh or at the Sneh Milan Samaroh. Most old students take a round of their alma mater before the Samaroh and recollect the bygone days. Sneh Milan Samaroh comprises of cultural programmes presented by Vidya Bandhus, felicitation of the batch, release of the annual journal 'Vidya Bandhu Mukhpatra', sharing of memoirs and experiences and a sumptuous Sneh Bhoj.

Annual General Meeting- June

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh is held in June every year. The Executive Committee is elected by the AGM. According to the new Constitution the tenure of the Executive Committee is for three years. Issues related to development of School and Sangh are discussed, report is presented of the programmes held throughout the year, approval is sought for the audited accounts of the previous year, budget for the coming year is passed and other matters are discussed with the permission of the Chair. Special AGMs are held to discuss and pass proposals on issues of urgent nature.